Monday, August 27, 2018

Hey there, Youthful Yogis!
Well it's that time of year...another start to the school year.

Personally, I couldn't be more excited!

Ok, maybe not that excited!!

When school starts up, I get to return to teaching my kids yoga classes...and that is just a ton of fun.

Maybe even ten tons of fun??!

I've decided to put some of what I teach in my classes online...YouTube, of course!

Here's the link:  Kids Yoga Class

So take a peek at my latest video and let me know what you think. When you get about 2 minutes into the video, you'll hear a story I wrote all about...Yoga!

You can also click on the icon below to get to the video:

Yoga, y'all!

Have fun and I'll be back soon!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hey Youthful Yogis!
It's been a long time since I've added anything to this blog. I've been BUSY...

   This is me, looking busy!
I did make a new video for my Youthful Yogis Youtube channel  It seemed like a good time for a nice yoga set for the upper back and shoulders...


So check it out; just click on the funny little fellow below and I think you'll find the video. It should be nice to watch if you've been at a computer or iPad for a while. And of course it's really good for anyone you might know who has to sit at a desk a lot. Let me know what you think!
     Click here to relax, y'all!

Have fun and I'll try to get back to Ye Old Blog again before too long!