Saturday, April 21, 2012

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Today, we'll start with a question...what stands still, wears polka dots and balances on one leg?....a Youthful Yogi in tree pose, of course! But you don't need to wear polka dots to give tree pose a try. In Sanskrit tree pose is known as Vrksasana, and it's really pretty fun.

Here's what you do: Stand with both feet on the ground. Lift one leg and bring the bottom of your foot to the inside of the leg that you are standing on. Don't press your foot into your knee joint! Place the foot above or below the joint to keep your knee happy and healthy.

You can bring the palms of your hands together at the center of your chest, like the polka dotted Youthful Yogi shown here. Or you can lift your arms up overhead. Take five long, deep breaths....bring your foot down at anytime if you feel tippy!

Tree pose
 When you are finished on the first side, rest for a few seconds with both feet on the ground. Then you can try the pose on the second side.

Tree pose challenges our balance and helps us to feel tall and steady, as if we have strong roots connecting us to the earth. You can practice tree pose at any time of day, and you might like to teach it to a friend. Have fun!

Thanks for joining me today, Youthful Yogis. I'll be back soon!


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