Wednesday, May 9, 2012

                It's that time again Youthful Yogis...are you ready for another round of.........     
                                                       Yoga Jeopardy?!

As I'm sure you remember, Yoga Jeopardy is a fun way to tickle your brain: just look at the questions below and see if you know the answers. Play with a friend, or on your own...and no peeking at the answers 'til you've given each question your best shot!

Are you ready??  Let's get started.....

1) The word Namaste means:  a) please be quiet I am trying to sleep  b) thank you so much for dinner, you are really a wonderful mom c) the light within me bows to and appreciates the light within you                       

2) "Cat Cow" stretches: a) the spine  b) the ankles and feet c) the hands  d) all of the things I just mentioned

3) True or False: your vertebral column is also your backbone

4) In India, cows: a) do not exist b) walk down the street next to cars and bicycles c) are very loved and have their horns painted, sometimes  d) all of the above   e) b and c only 

Extra Credit:
If  four Youthful Yogis can do five yoga poses in ten minutes, how long should it take for one Youthful Yogi to do three poses?



1) C   Namaste is a way of acknowledging the bright light and energy of others, although it would be nice if we could also find a word meaning "thank you for dinner, you are a wonderful person"!

2) D   We usually think of "Cat Cow" as a stretch for the spine, but it's great for ankles, feet and hands, too.

3) True! Vertebral column refers to the small bony segments, each one called a vertebra, which make up the backbone, or spine.

4) E  It's hard to believe, but in India cows really do stroll down the street next to cars and bicycles. And people do decorate cows in India, they love them so much!

Extra credit:  Are you kidding me?!  By now I am sure everyone knows that each person can do yoga in their own time and in their own way. Youthful Yogis can take as much time as they want to finish three please ignore that ridiculous question!

Thanks for joining me for Yoga Jeopardy today, Youthful Yogis. How did you do?

We'll play some more another time...but first I need to find a way to screen out silly extra credit questions!!

Have a wonderful day,


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