Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hi Youthful Yogis!
I am on vacation right now and, guess what? I thought I would have lots of time on my hands but it turns out there's a ton of stuff to counting frogs in the pond, watching baby goats prance in the grass, and checking a nearby garden everyday to see if the carrots are big enough to eat. Seriously, I'm really busy!

Which brings me to the Question of the do busy people find time to practice yoga?

I'll answer the Question of the Day in a minute. But first, here are a few things you might like to know:

1) a person does not need to spend two hours on a yoga mat in order to "do" yoga.

2) a person does not need to go to a fancy pants location in order to "do" yoga.

3) sometimes we "do" yoga, and it doesn't even look like we're doing anything!

Let me explain...the word Yoga comes  from the Sanskrit word yuj, which means to join, bring together or unite. Most people think of yoga as a bunch of movements people do to stretch and strengthen their bodies. The asanas, or poses, we've looked at like Tree Pose, Frog Pose, Half Moon and Cobra definitely help to keep our bodies strong and flexible, but that's just the beginning. Youthful Yogis also focus on the breath, which helps to quiet the mind. And a comfortable body and a peaceful mind are better than.... ten hot fudge sundaes (sort of!)
Is there anything better than this?!

But seriously, quieting the mind allows us to feel connected to the world around us. And this sense of connection, or union, is Yoga.  

Getting back to the Question of the can practice yoga anytime, anywhere and you don't need a zillion hours or a fancy place in order to do it. The next time you watch a sunset light up the night sky, lose yourself in the sound of frogs on a pond, or enjoy the peaceful company of someone you love, know that you are practicing Yoga! It doesn't mean you stop doing poses, or that you toss your yoga matt onto that pile of stuff that your mom  just-has-to-get-rid-of-because-otherwise-she-will go-nuts-with-all-the-clutter. It just means that you learn to recognize those moments when you feel peaceful, content and connected to all that surrounds you. Wherever you are, whether at home, in a yoga class or on a family vacation, take the time to breath deeply, appreciate your body and enjoy the company of the people you are with. All of that feels good...all of that is Yoga!

And now, Youthful Yogis, I have a lot to do. I need to check in with the goats, get some earplugs for tonight so the frogs don't keep me awake, and ask the rest of my family if hot fudge sundaes are on the menu for dinner...we need a little something extra since those crazy home-grown carrots aren't ready to pick yet!

Have a wonderful day. See you again soon!


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