Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hi Youthful Yogis!
Last week I introduced everyone to"Youthful Yogis Q & A", otherwise known as "I'm going crazy trying to figure something out and can't I please just get my question answered so I can get back to other important stuff, like convincing my dad I need new soccer cleats and maybe even a spiffy pair of new sunglasses while we're at it...?!"  

"If I miss this goal it might be cuz I need new cleats!"
"I'm spiffy and I know it...!"

That's right, getting your questions answered is important...and come to think of it, so are sun glasses. Remember to ask your mom or dad for protective eye wear if you're going to be out in the sun a lot this fall. And once that's taken care of, why not show them the Youthful Yogis Blog?... they'll probably end up learning a lot!
"We never knew a blog could be so informative...and fun!"

All right, it's time to get serious. I'd like to share the latest Q & A entries with you now... question # 1 addresses something the whole world's been wondering about for a while: "who puts the youth in Youthful Yogis?"  Question # 2 reminds us that Gummy Bears are just the most fantastic treat ever...but there's a time and place for everything!

Question # 1: My best friend is about to turn sixteen...can she still be a Youthful Yogis even though she'll be getting her driver's license soon? While we're on the subject, my mom loves your blog too; I forget how old she is, but I know she had a Partridge Family lunchbox in grade school so she's pretty ancient. Any thoughts?

Answer: Thank you for that most excellent question! In our culture the word "youth" tends to relate to the number of years a person has been alive. But Youthful Yogis know that age is not important. In fact, being youthful is not about how old we are... it's about how we feel inside; it's the way we approach life and the joy we get from connecting with others. You heard it here first Youthful Yogis: a person can be youthful at any age!

"What keeps me youthful?, yoga and this hairstyle that I love!"
Thanks again for the great question. Tell your mom I say hi, and if she still has that Partridge Family lunchbox, you're in luck...I hear they're collector's items these days!

Question # 2:  Is it Ok for me to eat Gummy Bears during yoga class?

Answer: Wow, I think we need to break this one down a little: yoga is a physical activity which means your body needs nourishment both before and after practicing poses. In general, eating a meal less than an hour before you do yoga is not a good idea because you'll feel queasy if you're still digesting your food. A light snack that is easy to digest can be a good thing, though...and while Gummy Bears aren't exactly a nutritious choice, eating a few before you hop onto your mat isn't the worst thing in the world.

As for eating Gummy Bears during yoga class?...I really do not recommend it!

Here are a few things that will probably happen if you chow down on Gummies in class:

1) Your teacher will go into shock... plus, he or she will probably feel a little insulted.

2) Your fellow students will pretend they don't notice you're eating dessert in yoga class; but of course they will notice and it will make them hungry, and a roomful of hungry yogis is just a little bit scary.

3) Your teacher may instruct you to hold your breath in for a few seconds and then to exhale out of the mouth while sticking out your tongue (people do this in yoga class sometimes, really!)...where exactly are those ten Gummy Bears you popped into your mouth going to end up if you stick out your tongue while exhaling vigorously? Yuck, I honestly don't want to think about that scenario.

This is called Lion's Breath, please do not do it with food in your mouth!

As you can tell, it's best to enjoy your snacks either before or after yoga. While we're on the are a few other things it's best not to do in yoga class:

1) talk or text on cell phones

2) sing your favorite Justin Bieber song out loud while everyone else is chanting OM

4) run around in in those new platform shoes that you just bought at Macy's...most people practice yoga barefoot, anyway.

Yes, they're great...just not during yoga!

You get the gist: yoga is about quieting the mind and stilling the senses: talking, eating, singing and wobbling around in shoes that are uncomfortable do not really encourage a safe and reflective practice. Enjoy your time on the mat, and know that the Gummy Bears-- and the platform shoes--will be there for you when you're done!

That's all the time we have today, Youthful Yogis. I hope you've enjoyed our Q & A session, and remember that today's questions can also be found on the "Youthful Yogis Q & A page" to the left side of this blog, just below the Listening Activities.

If you have questions that you would like to ask, please email them to me at:  I can't guarantee I'll answer every question, especially if it has to do with what brand of soccer cleats is hottest at the moment or what style of platform shoes is most fact, let's just say those sporty/fashion questions are out of my comfort zone. Please tell your mom and dad I recommend whatever is least I know they'll love this blog! 

"Best blog ever, seriously!"

See you again soon!


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