Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hi Youthful Yogis!
A lot of people ask me..."where is the best place to practice yoga?" My answer is: wherever you feel comfortable! Some folks like to do yoga in the privacy of their home, others love taking classes at a yoga studio. Many Youthful Yogis enjoy being out in nature, but grandpa's rec. room is also a popular choice: there may not be any windows there but the sound system is usually awesome!

"I'm gonna do yoga but first I have to finish listening to Stairway to Heaven"

Once, in New York City, a zillion yogis practiced poses together on the the street (well, OK, maybe not a zillion yogis, but definitely a whole bunch...) Here is a picture of that gathering, do you see anyone you know?!

It's true that you can do yoga almost anytime and anywhere. You'll remember that Chair Yoga allows you to do poses without even sitting down on the don't let being in an airport or hanging out in your mom's office stop you from striking a pose!

I'm not sure who this guy is...but he sure has the chair yoga thing figured out!

Here are a few yoga poses that you might like to try.  I'll show pictures of the poses and then offer a "pop quiz" at the end so you can learn more about the benefits of each posture.  Please don't feel intimidated....everyone gets an A+ on  Youthful Yogis pop quizzes!

Warrior Two

Dancer Pose

                                                         Youthful Yogis "Pop" Quiz:

1) Warrior Two is:  A) a resting pose   B) a pose that strengthens the body and encourages mental clarity  C) something you do in the breakfast cereal aisle of the grocery store when you want to get your mom's attention away from Whole Wheat Flax Flakes and onto Sugar-Coated Chocolate Crispy Puffs

2) Cobra Pose is:  A) a back bend  B) a balancing pose C) something you probably do not want to do right after eating Chocolate Crispy Puffs  D) all of the above E) A and C only

3) Dancer Pose is: A) one of the funnest yoga poses ever  B) a balancing pose   C) a pose that stretches the chest, shoulders, tummy and arms  D) everything I just said

1) B  Warrior Two strengthens the body while encouraging a quiet mind. You can do the pose at the grocery store if you really want to...I just can't guarantee it'll change your mom's mind about those Whole Wheat Flax Flakes!  

2) E Cobra Pose is a back bend: it opens the heart and lungs and strengthens the spine. It is important not to do this pose if you have any kind of back injury. Also, since the pose stimulates the internal organs, it feels pretty yucky if you try it on a full stomach....please eat breakfast after you practice cobra!

3) D Dancer Pose is a challenging pose that works our balance while stretching and toning many areas of the body. It's not everyone's funnest pose, but since another name for it is "Lord of  the Dance",  it's hard not to love it a lot. Dancer Pose is named after Nataraja, the dancing form of Lord Shiva whose cosmic dance performed in a circle of flames represents the eternal rhythms of the universe....pretty cool!

Nataraja: "Lord of  Dance"

How'd you do on the Pop Quiz, Youthful Yogis? I hope it inspires you to try out some new poses! As always, have fun, be safe, and don't forget to turn the lights out in grandpa's rec. room when you're done...!!!

See you again soon,


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