Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hello Youthful Yogis!
You may be wondering what amazing adventures I've been up to since I obviously haven't been in Blogland for a while...have I been roaming with elephants on the African Savanna?

Discovering new species of slugs in the depths of the Rain Forest?


Maybe I've been working with scientists to figure out how to serve chocolate ice cream sundaes to the next crew of astronauts heading to outer space? That sounds like a pretty great idea!

"I could really go for a hot fudge sundae right about now!"

As it turns out, I have been on an adventure... but not the kind that takes you to the far ends of the earth.  Actually, I've been on an Art Adventure and my Youthful Yogis friends have been traveling along with me!

Take a look at some of the great artwork we've discovered:  

Camel pose

"Candlestick" (shoulder stand)

Lotus mudra

"Magic Carpet" (deep relaxation)

Tree pose

Seated twist

Cobra pose

Can you believe it? These drawings are great, they almost belong in a museum!  But of course here at the Youthful Yogis Blog we have the next best thing to a's the Youthful Yogis Art Gallery! You can find these drawings and many more by clicking on the Art Gallery link just to the left of this page. I have more artwork to collect and present, so stay really is an adventure!

I hope you'll enjoy doing some artwork of your own,Youthful Yogis. Why not try drawing your favorite yoga pose? If you're happy with your masterpiece, get some help scanning it onto a computer then email it to me at'll try to show it in the art gallery!

That's all the time we have for now...I've got lots of stuff to do, including finding out if they've already invented a way to send ice cream sundaes into outer space!


Have fun, be creative and I'll see you again soon!


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