Thursday, May 1, 2014


Hello Youthful Yogis!
Well, it's official...spring is in the air and many of my Youthful Yogis friends are heading outdoors to enjoy fun activities like hiking, biking and maybe even putting a few dandelion necklaces together...that's definitely one of my favorite springtime activities!

more fun


It's true that nice weather gets us moving. You may wake up and feel like doing 20 sun salutes...

Or maybe five rounds of plank pose....

"I am in my happy place...please don't judge me!"

On the other hand, some days we just feel like taking it easy. And that's fine, too!

"Taking it easy sounds pretty good right now..."

When it comes to yoga, we always have plenty of choices.

"If we can do this, anyone can!"
Way back in 2012 I wrote about chair yoga. Let me tell you, Youthful Yogis...I love chair yoga! It's great for anyone who is healing from an injury...

 Or having trouble with their balance...

"Did somebody say yoga?...of course I want to do it. Just get me a chair!!"

In fact, chair yoga is great for everybody!  It's perfect as a break from schoolwork...

"I can't stop thinking about chair yoga..."

Or while traveling....

"Dude, I don't have my yoga mat but a chair will work just fine!"

To check out my last chair yoga post, just click on the link: August 2012 Chair Yoga   And if you want more, click on the words Chair Yoga Video below and it will take you to my Youthful Yogis YouTube site. I've posted a chair yoga video there, and a lot of people are having fun with it. Check it out, and then share it with someone you know!

Chair Yoga video

Come to think of it, chair yoga might be just what you need after a long day of hiking, biking or playing around in the dandelion patch!

Enjoy springtime, Youthful Yogis. Have fun and I'll see you again soon!


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