Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Attention Youthful Yogis!

Announcing the grand opening of the Youthful Yogis Art Gallery!

Did you know that many of the drawings shown on this blog are original works of art created by some of my very good Youthful Yogis friends?  I am so excited to be able to share their work with you!

So join me at the grand opening of the Youthful Yogis Art Gallery...all you need to do is stroll over to the left side of this text, click on Youthful Yogis Art Gallery, and enjoy looking at some pretty cool stuff.                                    
If you have a drawing you'd like to show in the Youthful Yogis Gallery, get some help scanning it onto your computer then send it to me as an attachment in an email at youthfulyogis@gmail.com . I'll try to put it in the gallery!

That's all for now....have fun at the art show!

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