Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello Youthful Yogis,
If you've been to a yoga class lately, chances are you have heard the word Namaste. Teachers often say this word at the end of a class (and sometimes at the beginning). You might even see the word Namaste on water bottles, t-shirts or bumper's really that popular!

But what does Namaste mean, anyway? Let's take a look....

The word Namaste comes from the ancient Indian language known as Sanskrit. Namaste can be translated as "I bow to you", and people in India often say it to each other as a greeting; they sometimes press their hands together at their chest and bow their heads when they say Namaste, also.

Namaste is a nice word because it comes from the heart. It is a way to say hello, but it means a lot more than "hi". I tell my Youthful Yogis friends  that when I say "Namaste" I am really saying: "the light and energy within me appreciates the light and energy within you".

It's pretty great that a whole big idea like that can fit into one small word!

I hope this helps you to understand the word Namaste a little better; now you'll know what's going on if you hear it in a yoga class. And you might just use the word Namaste yourself sometime...if you say it to a friend and they reply "Nama...what'd you say?" you'll be able to give them an answer!

That's all for now, Youthful Yogis. Have a wonderful day.


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