Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hi Youthful Yogis,         
If you've been talking to your friendly neighborhood astronomer buddies lately, you'll know that the western part of the United States is due for something called an annular eclipse on Sunday night. I'll be honest, when I heard that name, I thought some newspaper guy misspelled the word "annual"...but no, it's really "annular"...a word which I now know means rounded, curved, shaped like a ring.

An annular eclipse is a solar eclipse, meaning that the moon will come between the earth and the sun. The cool thing about an annular eclipse is that when the moon and sun are lined up with each other, the moon will look slightly smaller than the sun. In fact, for just a short amount of time, the sun will be seen as a bright ring around the moon. They call it a "ring of fire"....what a perfect name!

Please be sure you do not look directly at the sun during the annular eclipse, or ever actually. There are special glasses that you need to wear!

I can't wait for Sunday night, Youthful Yogis.

See you at the Ring of Fire!


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