Friday, May 11, 2012

Hi Youthful Yogis!
If you've been over to the Youthful Yogis Photo Gallery lately there is probably just one question you are dying to ask..."what's with the photographs of people's hands?!!"

It does seem kind of funny, taking a picture of a person's hand. But the palms and fingers you see on this blog are actually pretty special. And, come to think of it, they also have a special name!

 Are you ready for this......they are called MUDRAS.

The word mudra is pronounced "moo-dra", but don't let that mix you's got nothing to do with cows! A mudra is a gesture, or position, that we make with our hands. Mudras are said to help direct the flow of energy within our bodies.Some mudras are good for the brain, and some are good for the heart; some help us to feel confident, others make us peaceful and calm.

What most any Youthful Yogis will tell you is this: mudras make us feel great!

Here are a few of the mudras that my Youthful Yogi friends love most:

Shell Mudra:  This mudra helps you to feel calm and relaxed. Imagine you are holding a beautiful seashell in your hands! Shell mudra is also said to be good for the throat.

Just today I received an AMAZING drawing of Shell Mudra from my Youthful Yogi friend Parker. Thanks for the artwork, Parker...perfect timing!

Eagle Mudra: This mudra is named after Garuda, a large mystical bird that is well-known in Hindu mythology. Eagle mudra gives us energy and confidence. It is also said to help us see things clearly, like a bird looking down from above.

Lotus Mudra: In Sanskrit, this mudra is called padma mudra and the word padma feels really good in your mouth! Lotus mudra looks like a lotus flower whose petals are opening wide. It helps us to feel open in our hearts, and it's one of my personal favorites!                      

I hope you have enjoyed looking at mudras today, Youthful Yogis. Try a few out and see how they feel. And while you are at it, you can make up some of your own!

See you next time,


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