Saturday, May 12, 2012

News Flash:  
              Youthful Yogis know that it is Important to  Rest their Bodies!

Furthermore, Youthful Yogis know that we are not talking about rest as in..."It's ten at night and I am finally turning off my computer and, OK, I am exhausted and will probably fall asleep in two seconds."

No, no, no!

When Youthful Yogis talk about rest, they are talking about taking a break in their busy day: slowing down, breathing deeply and allowing the whole body to refresh and refuel...before it gets exhausted!
Just as our bodies digest food, everything we feel and experience as humans gets processed when we rest...and that's why taking a break is so important.

If you go to a yoga class, you will definitely get to rest. Youthful Yogis know that yoga classes end with something called "corpse pose", or Savasana, and it's really pretty great.

 Here's what you do: lie on your back with your arms and legs relaxed... close your eyes and make sure you feel totally comfy. Notice your breath: feel your belly rising each time you inhale, notice it falling each time you exhale.

Every part of your body is relaxed in Savasana, from your toes to the top of your head. There is nothing you need to think about and no where you need to go...your mind is still, like the surface of a clear lake on a beautiful calm day.

Savasana is great at the end of a yoga class, but it's also a pose you can enjoy anytime you like: in the afternoon when you get home from school, or in the evening to help you relax before bed. You can rest in corpse pose for a few minutes, or longer if you have time.

Remember that you are not only relaxing your muscles when you do Savasana; you are also giving the inside parts of your body a boost!
....and did I mention that you are probably improving concentration while you're at it?!

There are lots of great reasons to make Savasana a regular part of your day. Try it at home sometime, alone or with a friend. I know you'll feel good. And remember, the next time you hear someone say "Give it a rest", tell them you heard it here first!

Have a great day, Youthful Yogis,


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