Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You may remember that I had a run-in with a gazillion bats the other day. Seeing thousands of bats heading out at sunset to eat was fun and only just a little creepy. And it got me to wondering... are there are any yoga poses named after these funny flying mammals?

Thanks to my Youthful Yogi friend Ava, I now know that the answer is...yes! Here's a pose that Ava knows as "bat pose"; in Sanskrit it's called Halasana, which translates as plough pose. Halasana is actually a variation (that means a different version) of shoulder stand....let's take a look:

I guess we can tell why they call it plough pose!  Please be very careful if you try this pose...and never do it if you have a back or neck injury.

But back to bats...

....it's the same pose, just a different name. And you know what?....I do think it looks a little batty.

Have fun trying out this new pose, Youthful Yogis. As always, be safe and check in with your friendly neighborhood yoga instructor if you need extra help.

The sun is setting, so I guess I'll go see if my furry flying friends are heading out to dinner. Don't tell anyone, but I think they're making me batty!

See you again soon,


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