Friday, June 15, 2012

Hi there Youthful Yogis!      
Are you ready for an adventure?  Today we're going on a magic carpet ride! Now please wipe that look off your face that says "I'd-love-to -stay-and-hear-more-but-you're-nuts-and-I've-got-a-video-game-to-get-back-to"... I'll explain everything!

Youthful Yogis know that "Magic Carpet" is not the latest new ride at Disney Land that you need to wait five hours in line to see. Actually, it's a relaxation exercise, and I think you'll like it a lot!

We all get tired now and then and sometimes feeling sleepy comes at the most annoying times: one hour before swim practice, or twenty minutes before a family dinner with Great Aunt Lu Lu and a cousin twice-removed named Fred. What's a Youthful Yogi to do? If you take a long nap, chances are you'll sleep right through swim practice and your coach will be totally upset...or, you'll be super groggy at dinner and Lu Lu and Fred will never come over to your house ever again.

But there is something else you can do when you feel the need to refuel: simply lie down, close your eyes, and rest very deeply for a short period of time. No kidding! Taking a break in this way is like re-charging a battery, and it's amazing how great it feels.

Youthful Yogis know that you don't need the sound of someone's voice or fancy, schmancy music playing in order to rest and relax....but sometimes having something to listen to is kind of nice! And that's why the Youthful Yogis Technology Team (OK, that would be me) has been hard at work putting together a recording that you can enjoy anytime you like. Simply click on the words Magic Carpet Ride next to the funny flying dude below; then click the Download button and you'll get a recording that you can listen to on your computer.  I've also put the Magic Carpet Ride in a new section of the blog called "Youthful Yogis Listening Activities"'s just to your left, underneath the Youthful Yogis Photo Gallery.

I hope you'll have fun on your very first Magic Carpet Ride, Youthful Yogis. Try it whenever you want a little break: ahead of a sports practice, after a day at school or even before bed. It doesn't take long, so you can fit it in anytime. Let me know what you think and, while you're at it, give my best to Aunty Lu and Cousin Fred... I definitely hope you enjoy a great dinner!

See you next time!


Magic Carpet Ride

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