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                                                                (summertime edition)

Youthful Yogis know that summer is a great time to relax and take life easy. But no matter how much we kick-back, sleep-in or catch-up on movie classics like "Toy Story One" and "Air Bud: World Pup" (Ok, seriously, I've never seen that one!)  there is one thing we never want to do and that let our our brains get mushy!



Did you know that mental activity strengthens the brain just like physical activity makes your body strong and healthy?  And it just so happens that Yoga Jeopardy is a great mental activity! You already know how it's played; just read the questions below, fire up your brain, and see if you can come up with the correct answers. There are a couple of super tricky questions this time, so get a friend to help if you like!                        

Let's get started...        

1) Plank pose is:  A) a resting pose  B) a strengthening pose C) a weird face that you make when your mom asks you to empty the dishwasher

2) Youthful Yogis.... A) pay attention to their breath when practicing yoga   B)  could care less about their breath  C) use a smooth deep breath to relax and stay focused               D) none of the above  E) A and C

3) True or False: Yoga Journal is...An ancient manuscript that you will probably only lay eyes on if you travel to India

4) Lord Vishnu is a Hindu deity who gets along well with:  A) frogs  B) salamanders c) snakes

5) Name the Hindu god who is said to be reborn every time a fire gets lit (hint: he's kind of hot-headed)

The word "Saucha" means:  A) non-violence B) cleanliness C) scrambled eggs with hot sauce 


1)  B      Plank pose is a strengthening pose, of course!

Is this guy relaxed? I don't think so...but at least he's breathing!
2)  E     Youthful Yogis know that the breath is an important part of every yoga practice. They pay attention to their breath and know that a smooth, deep breath will help them to relax and stay focused.

3) False!   Yoga Journal is not an ancient manuscript, unless you consider 1975 to be ancient history (the magazine was first published in the 1970's!) Yoga Journal can be found in libraries, in stores and online. Check it out!

4)  C    I haven't read any Hindu myths that describe Lord Vishnu's ability to get along well with salamanders and frogs, but it's possible that he does! We do know that Vishnu must be comfortable with snakes....he is usually seen sitting or standing on the thousand-headed serpent named Shesha! 

5) The Hindu god Agni is said to be reborn every time someone lights a fire. He is a messenger to other gods, has more than one head, and is said to be forever young, since fires are re-lit everyday.

"Does anyone know the name of a good hairdresser...?!"

EXTRA CREDIT:   B   Saucha is the Sanskrit word for cleanliness and it is an important aspect of yoga. Saucha means keeping our bodies, our homes and our classrooms tidy; it also relates to what we eat, how we think, and the things we say.

The word for non-violence is Ahimsa, and I'll discuss that another time.

As for those scrambled eggs with hot sauce...I'm not sure what they're called, but they sound pretty tasty right about now!

I hope you've had fun with Yoga Jeopardy today, Youthful Yogis. How is your brain feeling?  As you've probably guessed, all of the questions in today's Summertime Edition of Yoga Jeopardy come from recent blog entries. If you're looking for a way to stay cool while exercising your mind this summer, try making up some Yoga Jeopardy questions of your own. You can email them to me at and I'll try to include them in the next edition of Yoga Jeopardy!

Have a great day and I'll see you again soon,



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