Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hello Youthful Yogis!
Here's a question for you...do you ever wish you could sleep for one hundred years?

"I've been asleep for 100 years, and let me tell you...it's not all it's cracked up to be!!"

Ok, well Mr. Rip Van Winkle up there is probably right...even if we try to sleep for 100 years, it doesn't always feel great to crash into a massive slumber, especially if it's in the middle of the day. Just take a look at Homer Simpson...do we really want to end up like him?!

Yuck...who let this picture onto the Youthful Yogis Blog, anyway?!

If you are lucky, you can catch a cat nap from time to time: that's a short nap that's very refreshing.

"Fifteen minutes...that's all I ask!"

And here is something else you can do to relax your body and get lots of energy for the rest of the day...a Magic Carpet Ride, of course! Youthful Yogis love, love and I mean LOVE Magic Carpet Rides. It's like going on a mini vacation except you don't need to share the back seat of the car with your noisy little brother!

Noisy, much?!

Another name for Magic Carpet Ride is "guided relaxation" and if you'd like to see how it works, just click on the words "Magic Carpet Ride" beneath the funny little flying man below. It will take you to a YouTube site, so check with an adult to make sure that's OK.

Magic Carpet Ride

On YouTube you'll find a recording that you can listen to anytime you want to kick back and relax. I've combined the guided relaxation with some amazing artwork, so it's really pretty great! You'll also find some other yoga videos by me on the YouTube site...one of them even includes my kitty cat named Ping, I think he's hoping to get famous!

"I'd rather be doing yoga!"

All this talk of relaxing has suddenly made me very sleepy, so I guess I better go on a little Magic Carpet Ride of my own. I wonder where it will take me?!

Remember that it's great to add Magic Carpet Ride to the end of a yoga practice. You can also do it before bed, or any time you have a few minutes to float and dream.


Have lots of fun, Youthful Yogis. And please email me to share where your Magic Carpet takes you!

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