Friday, June 3, 2016

Here is how I start each day
With a little Namaste
On the floor or in a chair
Any place…I don’t care!
I try to breathe in through my nose
Before I do a yoga pose
This simple act can clear the head
After hours spent in bed
The breath moves in the breath moves out
And lets me know without a doubt
That I’m ready for my day…
Places to go, bills to pay!
Lots of times I stretch out long
Do Down Dog or ring a gong
What I really want to say
Is yoga's different every day
You can move a lot and break a sweat
Or close your eyes and enjoy your pet
You may do lunges, planks and such
Or reflect on the one you love so much
Some folks like to use a chair
Others do yoga with messed up hair
You don’t need money or fancy clothes
You don’t need a piercing in your nose
For yoga you just need a little space
Some time to breathe and feel grace

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