Saturday, June 4, 2016

                                                     Dear Youthful Yogis,

Ping and I decided today
To write this blog in a different way
We've decided to put it all in rhyme
And have ourselves a really fun time

Ping's a cat, I am not
And where we live it's very HOT


So in order to stay cool
(Ping really wants to go in the pool!)
We're taking our days nice and slow
Maybe skipping poses such as bow


Truth be told, first thing in the day
I am definitely quite OK
With backbends, plank and other stuff
That when it gets hot might feel tough

Plank pose

So check the temp
Your body, too
And only do what's right for you
Here are poses you can try
In the summer when we fry:

Pigeon pose

Legs up the wall

That's all for now I gotta run
Ping's telling me it's time for fun
That means tossing him toys
And watching him play
A great activity for this hot day!!


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