Sunday, June 26, 2016

If I do yoga but today
I really kind of want to say...

"Get out"
"I'm feeling mad!" this so horribly, terribly bad?

Yogis are calm, they smile a bunch
They stretch and breathe and eat tofu for lunch...

So how to explain my very dark mood
My glumness and sorrow and craving for food?
Chocolate cake and cheesy wraps
Potato chips and gingersnaps!

Life is different every day
I guess I should see that it's OK
To feel bad once in a while
To frown a little, not always smile

Because whenever I'm on my mat
I know I accept wherever I'm at
Not judging myself: am I good or bad?
Is this the worst day I've ever had?

Simply breathing...seeing what's new
This is the way that I get through
The times I feel not enough
When I'm mad or sad and life is tough!!


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