Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hey Youthful Yogis!                                   
I was drinking a cold glass of milk today when I got to thinking about my spine.

You're probably wondering what a cold glass of milk has to do with a backbone?  Well, that's a pretty good question, so let me fill you in...

Milk, as we all know, comes from cows. And cows are peaceful vegetarians mostly interested in munching on green grass all day. In India, people love cows so much that they paint their horns to make the animals look special!

But back to my spine....there is a stretch I like to do everyday and it's what I was thinking about when I was drinking that cold glass of milk earlier. The stretch is called  "Cat Cow" and here's how you do it:

                                                                           CAT COW

Start on your knees with your hands on the floor; take a big breath in, drop your belly and lift your chest so your spine stretches like a cow.                                                

When you breathe out, round your back and arch up like a Halloween cat.
Go back and forth about five times from cat to cow and notice how great your spine feels. Make sure you make some noise when you're doing this exercise: moo when you stretch into cow, meow when you round into cat. When you are finished, take a rest. 

Cat cow is an exercise you can do everyday... it will really keep your body happy. Show the stretch to your mom and dad and also to your friends. See who can moo the loudest...but not if people in your house are sleeping! 
Have fun, drink some milk and I'll see you again soon!

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